Machinery Industry.

Objective 3D.

Carrum Downs VIC


Structural Mezzanine Solution
Company Objective 3D
Industry Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Location Carrum Downs VIC
Date March 2022
Features Installed
  • Fit For Purpose Post Locations to ensure no interruption to existing shelving layout on the ground floor
  • Custom Finished Floor Height for future walls underneath

The Problem
- Objective 3D had space problems and a lack of warehouse office space that they wanted underneath the mezzanine. Objective 3D had no option as they didn’t want to move.

The Solution
- The solution was a Heighton Structural Mezzanine System that ended up with the posts in the right spot and the finished floor height being where it needed to be.

The Outcome
- The Outcome was a more efficient warehouse with extra storage and office space without having to move the facility.