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Forme Technologies
High-capacity ISO 8 accredited room expansion project for Forme Technologies Company by Heighton


Forme Technologies is an Australian owned business that are plastics moldings & precision tooling experts. Forme assist you from concept design and prototyping, product development, tooling, and manufacturing. Forme can make your products in their standard facilities, or for more stringent requirements in their brand new 220 sq metre cleanroom. As they serve a wide variety of industries, Forme shape and align their processes to the specific requirements of their clients. Specialised industries demand specialised solutions – the kind of precision and high[1]quality plastics engineering Forme have provided to Australian and International clients


With a growing list of customers requiring Forme Technologies to improve the conditions in which their product was manufactured, Forme Technologies needed to find a solution and implement it quickly. The 3 main challenges faced at the time were:

1. Lack of space within the facility to implement an ISO 8 accredited room

2. Lack of time

3. Increased growth causing pressure on the manufacturing facility

Fixing the constraint

Forme Technologies reached out to Heighton to carry out a design review audit and assist with Council Planning and Building Permits. As a result of the extensive review of the facility, Heighton identified a space within the current building and designed an innovative way to not only provide the ISO 8 certified room but also maintain the floorspace through the means of a high capacity mezzanine structure.


As a busy manufacturing facility, Forme Technologies was nervous about the impact of implementing a ‘high tech’ cleanroom whilst still operational. Heighton was able to plan the project utilising a sophisticated project management system that made the implementation seamless and hassle free. The 4 main results of the implementation were: 1. 97% floor space utilisation 2. ISO 8 cleanroom environment vastly improving an already good quality product 3. Less QA issues 4. More customers requesting work be carried out with the ISO 8 environment.

Office facility upgrades for Forme Technologies by Heighton

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