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Heighton Group is an Australian company manufacturing Australia Made custom systems for growing and space constrained companies throughout Australia. With a focus on helping manufacturers and companies needing to expand operations, Heighton carries out difficult projects requiring a high level of compliance and no disruption to existing operations.

Our processes for running intricate projects within someone else’s facility has been developed over many years to fine tune to a point whereby we can assure limited to no disruption to operations. Building up a team of ‘A players’ takes years and we can now offer this guarantee that every touch point will be professional.

Quality Assurance

With third party certification in ISO9001 Quality System, ISO14001 Environmental System, and ISO45001 Health & Safety System, Heighton is committed to ensuring our sites and workplaces are safe and compliant at all times.

We also have robust systems in place for continual improvement to ensure we are constantly up to date with regulations and always getting better at what we do.

Meet the Team

Beau Currie - Project Manager - Heighton
Beau Currie
Project Manager
Matthew Steen - General Manager - Heighton
Matthew Steen
General Manager
Laurence Tregenza - Operations Manager - Heighton
Laurence Tregenza
Operations Manager
Caleb Steen - Design Manager - Heighton
Caleb Steen
Pre-Construction Manager
Jason Colledge - VIC Project Manager - Heighton
Jason Colledge
VIC Project Manager
Leslie Steen - Project Delivery - Heighton
Leslie Steen
Project Delivery
Phoebe Lorincz - Accounts - Heighton
Phoebe Lorincz
Codi Voss - Marketing Coordinator - Heighton
Codi Voss
Marketing Coordinator
Ron Steen - CEO - Heighton
Ron Steen
Roxley Steen - Business Development - Heighton
Roxley Steen
Business Development
Martin Hales - NSW Project Delivery - Heighton
Martin Hales
NSW Project Delivery
Daniel Colledge - Manufacturing Manager - Heighton
Daniel Colledge
Manufacturing Manager
Beau Currie - Project Manager - Heighton
Eugene Tyquin
Beau Currie - Project Manager - Heighton
Bruce Pilcher
Beau Currie - Project Manager - Heighton
Richard Colledge

No Obligation Consultation -
Your Questions,
Our Expertise

Why Chat With Us?
We understand the importance of making informed decisions. This is why we offer a no-obligation consultation with our specialist consultants. Our team of experts consultants is not just knowledgeable; they are passionate about providing bespoke solutions that fit your unique needs.

The values we live by

Our core values form the foundation of all our work and are the guiding principles behind everything that we do.