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Building Approval Process from Heighton

Building Approval Process

Navigating Planning and Building Permit approvals for projects within existing facilities of varying eras and stages can be complex. The ever-changing National Construction Code (NCC), especially for structures aged 20-30 years, introduces challenges to proposed new works.

Heighton's seasoned team, well-versed in diverse industries and suburbs, collaborates with various Councils and Certifiers to secure desired outcomes. As a registered builder, our team possesses the expertise to obtain approvals and seek dispensations when necessary. Trust Heighton for a streamlined process, ensuring your project successfully meets regulatory requirements, regardless of the building's history.

Our Approach

Heighton operates on a Design and Partner methodology, taking standard Design and Construct projects and turning these into a partnership approach for the most successful completion of projects. Integrating design, construction, and manufacturing allows for a more seamless workflow throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Partnership & Innovation solution by heighton with construction projects

Partnership & Innovation

With all projects being carried out in an operating facility, it requires a partnership and innovative solutions to ensure disruption is minimised. The Heighton methodology adopts a ‘one team’ approach to ensure all teams are well briefed and understand each project milestone. A detailed construction plan including busy operating days for the operation is put together and followed closely to ensure the successful completion of the works. In some cases, weekend works, and night is required to meet the outcome. Heighton has a saying we use regularly – “do what it takes”.

Embrace flexibility with construction projects


As the principal entity responsible for designing, manufacturing, and constructing the majority of projects it undertakes, Heighton possesses an exceptional capacity for swift modifications. While many builders adhere rigidly to initial plans, Heighton not only embraces flexibility but thrives on the agility to promptly adapt to evolving project needs. This adaptability proves indispensable when executing projects within existing facilities, where the ability to accommodate changes is deemed essential.

Risk Mitigation and successful implementation by heighton with construction projects

Risk Mitigation

Executing construction projects within an already operational facility introduces considerable project risk. Heighton systematically devises comprehensive risk mitigation processes for each project, prioritising the safety of both the facility's staff and the Heighton team. The risk mitigation plan is communicated to and understood by both teams, with Heighton's Project Manager assuming full accountability for its successful implementation.

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