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Mezzanines Floors in Sydney by Heighton

Custom Mezzanines Floors in Brisbane

We can help if you’re looking to have an expertly made mezzanine floor installed on your site. Heighton designs and manufactures custom models for clients that want the best results when it comes to innovative flooring solutions. Our experienced team has the capabilities to transform your space in countless ways. 

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Mezzanine Floor Solutions in Brisbane

At Heighton, we understand that everyone has different needs. That’s why we custom build mezzanine flooring solutions to match every request. Our structures act as an intermediate floor which is built between two main floors or the floor and ceiling of a building. 

Using high-quality materials and state-of-the-art engineering processes, we can create a design that increases overall site space and improves efficiency across your operation. We always work to the strictest safety standards so you can feel confident in your investment. 

Cleanroom Design, Construction & Installation project

Types of mezzanine
solutions that we offer

Our design capabilities

Our team can help with a wide range of different designs based on your specific needs. This includes mezzanine floors, mezzanine offices, mezzanine cleanrooms, free-standing options and more. Heighton prides itself on working closely with customers to ensure that we deliver the type of flooring solution that will work best for you.

Customised mezzanine floors

Mezzanines can be customised with various configurations and features to suit your requirements. The main things you will need to consider are the purpose of your mezzanine floor and the weight capacity. Mezzanines can be used for storage, cleanrooms, offices and more. Our mezzanine professionals can help you with designing each feature to fit your purpose.

Customisable features of your mezzanine include:

Customised mezzanine floors features

What is a structural steel mezzanine?

Wish you had more space in your factory or industrial warehouse in Brisbane? Now you can, with a structural mezzanine floor. Build up – not expand outward – with steel mezzanine floor systems that are as secure as they are durable. As the alternative to a normal mezzanine floor, steel can reach high live loads and are much heavier. With a structural steel mezzanine, you can have wider column spacing and higher load ratings: this means more materials can be stored in a smaller area. When you’re serious about investing in your Brisbane warehouse or factory, look to Heighton Mezzanines for a range of products to suit your industry and needs.

Benefits of mezzanine flooring structures

Cost effective

When you choose to install a mezzanine storage, it is a once off investment that will greatly benefit your company in many ways. Expanding your business with a mezzanine floor instead of purchasing a new site is much more affordable. If you do plan to relocate your business later on, your mezzanine structure can be disassembled and reconfigured in your new location. You also won’t have to worry about business disruption that relocation usually causes, which can usually significantly affect workflow and revenue.

Additional storage space

The biggest benefit that comes from installing a mezzanine floor is the room for storage expansion. Without significantly affecting your current floor plan, mezzanines can almost double the amount of space you already have. By using your overhead space to install a mezzanine, you have a storage space that is in close proximity to your working area. This saves you time whenever you need to fetch something from your reserve or put goods into storage.

Additional working space

Mezzanine floors can also be used to increase your working space. Not having enough room to expand your production is another reason you might consider investing in a mezzanine structure in your warehouse. Working in a tight space can not only hinder your business operations, but can also impact safety and employee productivity. Having an extra working room just above your current space is also very convenient. Your employees can continue to have access to all materials, equipment and interact with one another without needing to travel to another location.

Increased ROI

Investing in a mezzanine floor, whether you are using it for storage or working space, will help your business to thrive. You’ll be able to hold onto more materials, have space to keep finished products, and therefore increase your workflow and revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mezzanine flooring solutions can be built for a range of different industries. This includes wholesale and retail, electronics manufacturing, logistics and supply chain, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing, health and fitness, machinery, automotive, food and hospitality and construction. 

Mezzanine floors can be custom built to meet your specific needs. For instance, our experienced engineers can create a design that will maximise the unused vertical space of your site, providing additional room above and below. Speak to our friendly team for more information and to book a consultation. 

Mezzanine floors provide for a range of benefits that make them a smart choice. If you are struggling for room, they are the perfect solution in that they maximise used vertical space. They can also be used to improve the character and look of a building by adding a new visual element. You can easily store more materials, equipment and stock with a mezzanine floor. 

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