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Accredited Distributors

Accredited Distributors
Mezzanine structure project for Accredited Distributors Company by Heighton


Accredited Distributors specialises in distributing and supplying bulk wholesale confectionery, groceries, snack foods & beverages to customers around Australia.


Accredited had a facility full of storage and tight for space, and they needed to get more out of their building as they couldn’t afford to move. They required additional shelving and a pick-face area but didn’t have the floor space.

Fixing the constraint

Heighton designed a mezzanine structure over the top of their existing shelving that didn’t interrupt their ongoing operation. It turned the wasted air space above their existing low shelving into usable floor space for additional shelving. One more important factor for Accredited was that the support posts didn’t interrupt access to the shelving under the mezzanine, so we designed the mezzanine so that the post was out of the way.



As a result, they didn’t have to move the facility. They were able to double their storage space without touching existing conditions.

Mezzanine floor construction for Accredited Distributors by Heighton