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XRF Scientific
Cleanroom project for XRF Scientific Company by Heighton


XRF Scientific manufactures equipment and chemicals, which are distributed to production mines, construction material companies and commercial analytical laboratories, in Australia and overseas, and used in the preparation of samples for analysis.


XRF Scientific Limited manufactures equipment and chemicals used in the preparation of samples for analysis. XRF Scientific required larger cleanroom and workshop facilities for specialist engineering & testing projects.

Fixing the constraint

Heighton designed and constructed a turnkey solution comprising of specialists clean rooms individually designed for the specific requirements of various laboratory equipment, analysis machinery and testing procedures.


Heighton delivered the project on time and in accordance with specific project requirements. XRF Scientific were able to increase the scale of operations without having to move to a new facility. (Internal Images can not be shared due to IP requirements)

Well planned cleanroom for XRF Scientific by Heighton

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