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Cleanroom Design & Construction projects by Heighton

Cleanroom Design & Construction.

If you’re seeking additional floor space in your factory or warehouse but need to adhere to strict guidelines due to your industry, turn to Heighton Mezzanines. We specialise in cleanroom fabrication and installations across Melbourne. By consulting with our expert clean room designers, you can tailor a solution to your specific requirements.

What is a cleanroom?

There are some industries that require a controlled environment in order to manufacture products, such as electronics, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment. By creating a cleanroom in your factory or warehouse, dust, airborne particles and other microbes won’t interfere with the products being made. If you need extra space to work, invest in a mezzanine floor that can double as a cleanroom.

Cleanroom Design, Construction & Installation

Heighton Mezzanines is the one you can trust for any kind of cleanroom in Australia. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve completed various successful projects for our clients in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. Our cleanroom designers are always on top of the latest standards, regulations, and technologies to provide hygienic, efficient, and safe cleanrooms for any company.

Cleanroom Design, Construction & Installation project

We have designed, constructed, and installed cleanrooms for companies in the following industries:

Custom cleanrooms for companies

At Heighton Mezzanines, we understand that every company will need a bespoke cleanroom, that fits its purpose, and is in line with standards and regulations.

Cleanroom Design, Construction & Installatio with various features

There are various features and requirements we consider when designing such as:

Additional cleanroom services we offer

Heighton Mezzanines is your specialist in designing, constructing, and installing cleanrooms in a range of industries. Not only can we provide you with a new facility for your purpose, but we’re also committed to ensuring that every aspect of your cleanroom is up to standard, and will serve you well for years to come.

If you require training to educate your employees on how to operate, maintain, and repair your cleanroom systems, we can also provide that. This means that you can preserve a durable, efficient, and reliable cleanroom facility because your employees can follow proper maintenance procedures.

For a product completed to perfection every time, finishing on schedule and under budget, trust Heighton Mezzanines. As one of the most reliable clean room companies in Melbourne, we are committed to matching your needs – just see what we achieved for Lumens. Enquire about our services today.

Heighton Mezzanine cleanroom
design capabilities

Cleanroom Design by Heighton

Cleanroom Design

Heighton provides clean room advice and design assistance. There are many standards to comply with, depending on your industry and the function of the cleanroom. Heightons experienced design team is available to assist.

HVAC Cleanroom Design by Heighton

HVAC Cleanroom Design

Heighton provides design advice on specific HVAC cleanliness guidelines, airflow streams, room pressurization, temperature, humidity and filtration requirements, codes and standards, and specialty equipment such as instrumentation and control devices.

Australian Made

Specialised Construction

Heighton’s cleanroom construction teams have developed a keen understanding of cleanroom standards, regulatory requirements and specialised construction techniques.

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Cleanroom Case Studies

View some of our completed Cleanroom projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

A cleanroom is an environment in which the airflow, temperature, humidity, electricity, and other such factors are controlled. To maintain these conditions and standards, the cleanroom is regularly tested. Cleanrooms are carefully constructed and designed by professionals, with the right equipment and materials to ensure hygiene, safety, and efficiency. Many different industries utilise cleanrooms whether for manufacturing, or other purposes to reduce contamination. 

There are a range of industries that need to use cleanrooms in order to ensure product quality and safety, as they minimise contamination in various processes such as manufacturing. 

This depends on what you need the cleanroom for and the industry standards you need to follow. Contact the team at Heighton Mezzanines, and we can help you in choosing the right cleanroom design for your requirements. 

Generally, cleanroom doors should open into the room with higher pressure, unless you choose power-assisted doors. 

Cleanrooms cannot completely eliminate contamination, they can only control it. The main contaminants in a cleanroom are airborne particles and microbes. 

The main elements that make a cleanroom are:

  • Internal surfaces 

Surfaces must not create sources of contamination, for example, causing dust, flaking, peeling, or corroding. They must be easily cleanable, without any ledges or crevices. Internal surfaces must also be strong and robust, so they won’t crack, crease, break, or dent. 

  • Quality of air, and control throughout the cleanroom 

Cleanrooms require a high amount of air, which is at controlled humidity and temperature. An efficient cleanroom design will circulate fresh air, and recirculate in a way that airborne particles are flushed from the room. 

  • How it is operated

There are strict guidelines around maintaining the standards of a cleanroom which include: reducing potential contamination, limiting access to trained staff, regular cleaning following procedures, maintenance, and monitoring of airflows, filters, and recertification. 

A lab is an environment where scientific experimentation, research, and manufacturing occurs. This is different from a cleanroom as there is nothing in a laboratory that is controlled, or minimises the likelihood of contamination. 

A cleanroom will ensure manufacturing or any other processes conducted there are hygienic and safe for both the employees who work there and the end-user of the products. 

Containment facilities are a space where materials are stored and intended to remain there. They do not move to the general environment from their spot. These facilities are used to control live viruses and bacteria, as well as other sensitive materials. A cleanroom may be a containment facility but will have additional controls that restrict the movement and handling of its contents. 

There are numerous industries that require cleanrooms such as:

  • Sterile processing 
  • Packaging 
  • Laboratories 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Medical devices 
  • Distribution warehouses 
  • Food manufacturing 
  • Biosecurity/biocontainment 
  • Animal facilities 

We recommend consulting with a professional when designing your cleanroom, as they have experience in creating cleanroom designs that strictly follow the industry standards, regulations, and construction techniques.