Cleanroom Design & Construction.

Cleanroom Design


Heighton provides clean room advice and design assistance. There are many standards to comply with, depending on your industry and the function of the cleanroom. Heightons experienced design team is available to assist.

HVAC Cleanroom Design

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Heighton provides design advice on specific HVAC cleanliness guidelines, airflow streams, room pressurization, temperature, humidity and filtration requirements, codes and standards, and specialty equipment such as instrumentation and control devices.

Specialised Construction

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Heighton’s cleanroom construction teams have developed a keen understanding of cleanroom standards, regulatory requirements and specialised construction techniques.

Baxter Laboratories Stage 2

Melbourne, VIC

Features Installed:
  • Mezzanine
  • Insulated panel system
  • HVAC solution with +10pa of positive pressure
  • Epoxy floor coatings
  • Carpet tiled office

PACCAR Kenworth

Bayswater North VIC

Features Installed:

–  This Solution provided extra storage space and an area that can be locked to keep tools safe in a manufacturing area. A custom feature for this project was a split door into the toolroom that can be opened from the top while the bottom half of the door stays closed.

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