Mezzanine Floor Solutions to Maximise Space

What We Do - Structural Mezzanine Floors Construction

Welcome to Heighton Mezzanines. We use structural mezzanine floors to divide warehouses into more floor space to increase usable space and allow rapidly growing businesses to continue growing. We prevent the high cost of moving business premises and significant disruption to the daily business operations that occur during moving.

We’re a nationally trusted structural mezzanine floors design and construction company that our customers look to with complete confidence. Our mezzanine floor designs are made with functionality and quality in mind to ensure that you get the best results. Whether your goal is to increase storage capacity, improve the flow of your site or update aesthetics, know that our experienced team has all your bases covered.

Structural Mezzanine Floor Solutions

mezzanine floor

Heighton mezzanine floor system uses a unique lightweight beam design, allowing the floor to be installed without the intrusion of your concrete floor surface, and removing the need for concrete footings.

Mezzanine Offices

An increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to expand their current levels of usable floor space is a mezzanine office. More factories, warehouses, and distribution centres are realizing the benefits of this concept.


Heighton designs and constructs hardwall (ISO 5,7,8) clean-rooms. Heighton cleanrooms are individually designed with varying pressure differential, negative and positive/negative pressure, A/C and humidity control HVAC requirements.

Free Standing Mezzanine Floors

Free-standing warehouse mezzanine floors are a popular style often found in large warehouses with high roofs. Free-standing mezzanine floors can be easily relocated and used in a broad range of industries to store difficult shape products or as additional floor space for production teams in manufacturing industries.

Mezzanine Office Design

Heighton projects team offers end-to-end design, engineering and construction of office extension and re-design packages. Maximising return on property investments and creating vibrant working spaces.

enclosed above mezzanine floors

Enclosed above mezzanine floors offer an excellent way to utilize space in your roof cavity for more offices, or clean storage whilst maintaining open floor space below for your production area.

Enclosed beneath mezzanine floors

Enclosed beneath mezzanine floors are a common design used especially in production facilities. The below enclosure can be utilized as a cleanroom manufacturing area, with storage of materials above.

Fully enclosed mezzanine floors

Fully enclosed mezzanine floors offer a cost-effective and fast way to increase office space within your existing warehouse.

Gantry crane mezzanine floors

Gantry Crane mezzanine floors can be utilized to provide both above storage and below lifting assistance of small to medium-sized manufacturing items to ensure a safe work environment and reduce manual heavy lifting.

machinery mezzanine floors

Machine integrated mezzanine floors are designed individually for specific applications. Customised mezzanine floors can be constructed utilizing a range of materials such as stainless steel or composites for corrosive environments.

cleanroom mezzanine floors

Cleanroom mezzanine floors are commonly found in the Pharmaceuticals and Electronics industry for specialised clean environment manufacturing. Cleanroom mezzanine floors are an economical way of utilizing the space both for storage and clean air, climate-controlled manufacturing.

mezzanine walkway platform

Mezzanine walkways are utilized for safe access over machinery or infrastructure designed to provide fast and easy access.

Click logos to view our mezzanine floor solutions for each company.

Over the decades Heighton has assisted a broad range of professional companies to optimise space with mezzanine floors and mezzanine offices to gain better utilization of their property investments. Below is a shortlist of companies we have assisted  Click the logos to view individual project case studies for each company.

  • Haymans
  • Awnet
  • IXOM
  • Samsung
  • Globewest
  • Streets Ice Cream
  • Culture Kings
  • Exedy Clutch
  • Gingham and Heels
  • Kuhn Farm
  • Emerson Electrical
  • Opposite Lock Epping
  • Visy
  • Dickies
  • Florabelle Australia
  • Trans Tank International
  • Beacon Lighting
  • Bursons
  • Multotec
  • BMW
  • Defendtex
  • Swisslog
  • RAAF
  • Kubota
  • Fuji
  • OJI Fibre Solutions
  • Globe Brand
  • General Motors
  • JBS Australia
  • Linfox
  • Ooh Media
  • CNW
  • King Living
  • Harvey Norman

Mezzanine Floor Solutions by Industry.

electronics manufacturing mezzanine floors

Heighton provides consultancy advice for best practice design of dust free room solutions for the electronics manufacturing industry. Heighton has many years of experience design and building dust-free cleanrooms and mezzanine structures for this industry.

logistics & supply chain mezzanine floors

Heighton has gained a strong recognition in the logistics and supply chain industry providing solutions for Linfox, Dematic, Swisslog, only to mention a few.

Pharmaceutical mezzanine floors

Heighton designs and delivers a range of Pharmaceutical cleanroom facility solutions tailored to the industry-specific requirements. Heighton provides consultancy advice on best practice Pharmaceutical building designs and facility space optimisation solutions.

Watch our mezzanine floor construction

GM Mezzanine Floor Construction Video

general motors mezzanine floor construction video link

BMW Mezzanine Floor Construction Video

bmw construction video link image

Baxter Cleanroom Construction Video

baxter laboratories construction video link

Client Video Testimonials

CEO Bambra Press Video Testimonial


Haymans Electrical Video Testimonial

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