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Mezzanine Floors in Adelaide by Heighton

Mezzanine Floors Melbourne

Heighton has all your needs met when it comes to Mezzanine floors in Melbourne. We’re a leading supplier of innovative designs that customers look to with complete confidence. With years of experience in the trade and the best materials at our disposal, we guarantee to deliver standout results.

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Mezzanine solutions in Melbourne for offices, warehouses and more

Mezzanine floors can make a world of difference to your site. These designs act as an intermediate floor which is built between two main floors or the floor and ceiling of a building. They cover a specific area of a building rather than extending over the entire space. A mezzanine can help to effectively utilise unused vertical space so you can store more materials, equipment and stock. Customers also choose a mezzanine because of their unique look and aesthetic look

Cleanroom Design, Construction & Installation project

At Heighton Mezzanines, we can help with a wide range of options that includes custom designs. Look to us for mezzanine floors that are perfect for offices, cleanrooms, warehouses and industrial buildings and more.​

We work with clients across a broad range of industries:

Benefits of
mezzanine floors

Cost effective

Mezzanine floors are one of the most cost effective ways to expand your business without relocation. When you purchase a new business site, the costs can be very high, and it can sometimes take awhile before you rebuild your usual workflow. Installing a mezzanine structure in your warehouse can avoid all these issues. It can also save your business operations from being disrupted, which can in turn affect your revenue.

Increases storage and working space

With the additional space to work and store your goods, mezzanines can help with productivity, working capacity and expand your business operations to increase your revenue. By having the extra room just overhead of your current working area, everything is in close proximity so you aren’t wasting time and effort to travel to another location.

Increases ROI

There is no doubt when you are able to expand your production, as well as storage for materials and products, you will be bringing in more revenue. By saving significant costs normally required for relocation or business disruption, building a mezzanine minimises the impact on current workflow while helping you to grow.

Semi-permanent structures

Mezzanine floors also provide the benefit of flexibility, so it is great for those who may want to reconfigure or relocate the structure later on. This is possible because the structure doesn’t attach to the original building in which it is installed, and has been built so it can be disassembled and reassembled according to your needs.

Mezzanine floor construction

The process of our mezzanine construction includes:


Site inspection

When you book in a consultation with us, we come down and inspect your site, measure your space and note down all your desired features and specifications.



Our professional designers draw up a mezzanine solution that fits your budget, requirements and safety standards.



Once approved, we produce the parts in Australia with local materials



we install the mezzanine floor structure in your warehouse/facility with little interference to your operations as possible

Why Heighton Mezzanines?

Heighton have developed innovative solutions for mezzanine storage. Whether you’re storing small parts or larger bulk items, mezzanine storage is a very effective way to achieve additional space. If you need additional floor space for storage, we recommend our mezzanine storage platforms.

Recently, Heighton developed a mezzanine storage solution for HYDAC, which enabled utilization of space below for an underfloor gantry crane system and provided mezzanine storage space above. This increased their overall floor space in operation and improved their productivity.

A raised storage platform was developed for Kubota which utilized the existing infrastructure to raise their storage above the ground.

Warehouse mezzanine floors are designed for industrial warehouse use. Each warehouse mezzanine floor is custom-built to suit specific warehouses needs. Atomic Fashion were able to utilize their warehouse mezzanine floor for additional warehouse stock.

One of our industrial mezzanine floors in Melbourne was for Marrand. The industrial mezzanine floor was to be built in a facility that manufactured carbon fiber wheels to the export market in the US.

Part of the industrial mezzanine floor in Melbourne was to design industrial pop up raised sections to facilitate robotics on the ground floor whilst maintaining enough capacity for switchboard and conveyer systems to be run across the top of the floor.

Factory mezzanine floors in Melbourne are used to increase factory space and optimize factory operations. Recently, Heighton installed a factory mezzanine floor for Asset Plant and Machinery in Dandenong South which optimised and increase their efficiency

Factory mezzanine floors in Melbourne are constructed for different factory settings ranging from manufacturing to storage and machinery. In a factory, not all of the height can be used because of bulky storage. Adding a factory mezzanine floor over the top to increase the amount of useable space for general machinery and factory items.

Customised mezzanine floors features

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our mezzanines can be custom built to meet your specific needs. Our team works closely with customers to understand their challenges and requirements to ensure that our designs work perfectly with your operation. To find out more about the custom options available, get in touch with us and book a consultation.

Mezzanine floors can help to transform your space in a numbers of ways. First, they can increase space within your warehouse without having to relocate your business. Second, you can save money and maximise efficiency by storing more supplies, equipment and stock. And third, you can expect a stress-free installation process thanks to fast install times and minimal disruptions.

Heighton Mezzanines is located at 51 Assembly Dr, Tullamarine, VIC 3043. Please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team by calling 03 7018 4994. Alternatively, you can also complete an online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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