Automotive Industry.


Dandenong, VIC


2700m2 Double Story Mezzanine
Company Holden
Industry Automotive
Location Dandenong, VIC
Features Installed
  • Floor integrated with existing rolled-edge shelving system
  • Specialized post system enabling installation on full shelving
  • Installed during work hours. Working in conjunction with Holden’s distribution warehouse team.

The Problem
Holden were running out of bulk parts storage room in existing warehouse, closing and disrupting operations to move was not a option.

The Solution
The solution was to divide and consolidated 5000m2 small parts pick face into 2700m2 of double story mezzanine structure, to increase bulk parts storage in existing warehouse.

The Outcome
Project was delivered with zero downtime and injuries. The Holden team were ecstatic with the overall result and outcome of project.