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Types of Mezzanines: Which is Best for Your Warehouse?

Types of Mezzanine Floors

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Warehouses facing space limitations can skip expensive relocations and renovations with mezzanines. These are basically second floors built inside, offering extra storage. There are different options: shelf mezzanines use existing shelves for heavy items and cost less, while freestanding ones stand alone for easy access to goods in stores and warehouses. Catwalk styles add shelves and walkways, perfect for reaching things on multiple levels. Wood, metal, concrete, or grate flooring lets you customize further. The best mezzanine depends on your needs, from storage and offices to retail. 

Mezzanine floors are the perfect solution for warehouses that need to maximise their space. They can be added on top of existing structures, and they allow you to add another level without having to build a new facility, relocate, or renovate. With so many options available, choosing the right one for your warehouse and specific needs can be difficult. Let us simplify it for you by exploring each of the different types of mezzanine floors and which purpose they would best suit. 

Types of mezzanine floors 

There are many types of mezzanine floors, and each one has its own unique set of benefits. The first step to choosing the right type for your business is to understand what each one does. In this blog, we’ll discuss the different types of mezzanine floors. 

Shelving or rack-supported mezzanine floors 

Shelving or rack-supported mezzanine floors are either partially or fully supported by shelves or racks. These mezzanines are designed to support heavier loads than other types, which means they’re ideal for warehouses, factories, and other businesses that require large spaces for storage or manufacturing. So they’re great if you want to utilise pallet racks and pallet storage. Rack-supported mezzanines are also typically more affordable than other types of mezzanines because they don’t require additional structural support in the form of columns or beams. This means you can get more bang for your buck. 

Free-standing mezzanine floors 

Free-standing mezzanines can be used in almost any sort of business, but they’re especially popular among retail stores and warehouses because they offer plenty of storage space and make it easier for employees to access inventory. The platforms have adjustable shelves and can be configured to fit any size space, making them ideal for busy environments where things like stock rotation and employee efficiency are important considerations.

Catwalk mezzanine floors 

Catwalk mezzanines are a great choice for businesses that require extra shelving. It makes it easier to access the new areas by suspending walkways from either the first or the second level of shelving. 

Aside from the different types of mezzanine flooring structures, you will also want to consider what type of decking you would like the floor to be made of. The most common options are wood, steel, concrete, and bar grating.

Which mezzanine floor is best for your business?


When choosing a mezzanine for your industrial facility, it will depend on the type of work that you do. If you require more storage space, a catwalk or shelving/rack-supported mezzanine is best. If you need open space for production or another purpose, we recommend the free-standing mezzanine floor. 


For a warehouse, any kind of mezzanine is suitable depending on your operations and whether you prefer to have more storage than free space. If you need lots of storage, we recommend either the shelving/rack-supported mezzanine. Whereas if you prefer open space, go for the free-standing mat mezzanine. 


For those who are wanting to create a mezzanine office, a free-standing or shelving/rack-supported mezzanine are the best options. You can either have an office above your factory or warehouse operations or storage, or you can just have a free-standing office with empty space for any purpose underneath. 


Generally for retail warehouses, catwalk or shelving/rack-supported mezzanine floors are the most popular choice as they allow for plenty of storage underneath and above if required. 

Every mezzanine project is different and the floor can be customised in different ways so we recommend discussing your needs with a professional builder to choose the best floor for your needs. 

Choose Heighton for high-quality, custom-designed mezzanines 

If you’re looking for the best mezzanine floors in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, or Adelaide, look no further than Heighton. We understand that every project has a different purpose, and we’ll help you find the right type of mezzanine for your business. Whether you need a simple mezzanine floor or something more tailored to your purpose, we have the experience and expertise to deliver the perfect solution for your needs. Visit our website and contact us if you have any questions or are ready to discuss your mezzanine floor project. 

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