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19 December 2023

Should I Install a Mezzanine Floor?

Should I Install a Mezzanine Floor?

Why Should I Install a Mezzanine Floor?

When it comes to running a business, there often aren’t many easy decisions. But the installation of a mezzanine floor isn’t a call that tends to be all that hard to make. We say that because the benefits of building an intermediary floor in an existing space offers a host of benefits with only a moderate injection of funds. 

The question of whether your business stands to benefit from the installation of a mezzanine flooring solution comes down to three key criteria: timing, utility, and cost. In this article, we want to dive in and explore these in a little bit more detail. 

Understanding effective timing

Growing businesses tend to have a rapidly growing operational footprint. And when your business starts demanding more space than your current location provides, the general tendency is to think that a move of venue is the only option. But that isn’t true. Mezzanine floors offer an opportunity to implement an effective solution quickly and effectively.

Implemented at the right stage in your business’s development, a mezzanine floor offers a way to extend the time in which you can make the most of your current work or storage space. This allows you to push your growth in that intermediary phase – saving your business the cost of a third move, or perhaps even having to wear the cost of a space that you still need to grow into.

Mezzanine floors offer expanded utility

Virtually any double-height space is a candidate for a mezzanine floor. What this means is that the installation of a mezzanine floor offers a way to make better use of the space you already have access to. But while the most common use of mezzanine flooring solutions is to boost storage space – that is not the only way in which a mezzanine floor can expand the utility of your work space.

Mezzanine flooring solutions can be used to generate diverse uses of space within the one workplace. The team here at Heighton have developed and implemented a range of solutions designed to facilitate everything from office spaces, commercial spaces, through to even highly specialised cleanrooms

Mezzanines are cost-effective

Both timing and utility will inform the decision-making process, but cost is perhaps the most important sole determinant. We’ve touched on how mezzanine floors can open possibilities for your business. But it’s the sheer cost-effectiveness of a mezzanine flooring solution that brings most of our customers across the line.

A mezzanine floor offers an inexpensive way to generate the space you need quickly, safely, and without risk to your bottom line. In specialised industries that have exacting requirements of their work spaces (such as the pharmaceutical industry) the combination of reduced costs, versatility and the surety of being able to port your specialised work space make the choice clear.

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