Warehouse Mezzanine Office Floors

Transform your site with a mezzanine office floor

An increasingly popular solution for businesses looking to expand their current levels of usable floor space is a mezzanine office. More factories, warehouses, and distribution centres are realising the benefits of this concept – and it’s not hard to see why. Without the need for costly renovations, you can simply install a mezzanine floor in your space and customise it with features that accommodate your needs. You can choose from two main types of mezzanine offices: fixed and modular mezzanines. Fixed mezzanines are permanently built into the building structure, while modular mezzanines are designed to be detachable. Each with its own unique benefits, transform your site with a mezzanine type that will boost your office productivity. 

Intuitive designs and quality builds

Heightons mezzanine offices utilize the vertical space within your facility. The mezzanine office enables you to expand your business within your existing facility or reduce the footprint requirement of a new facility. These office space solutions are a smart way to improve layout design and act as a cost-effective way to expand your operation.


Modular, scalable and fast construction


Heighton floor system is modular, scalable and mobile allowing you to relocate, or reconfigure the floor as required throughout changes in the life span of your business.

Planning and approvals assistance


You may be confused by your council DA approval requirements? Heighton has over 25 years of experience coordinating client approvals and managing council requirements. We take care of certification approval, council approval, and plans.

Internal office design and fitout


Your office space is a valuable asset to your business that will inspire your team and help create the desired culture.  Heighton draws on a group of specialist interior designers to achieve the desired level of finish and provides a turnkey office fitout service.

Mezzanine office costs

Get in touch with Heighton and we’ll happily provide more information about our services and the costs involved in installing a mezzanine office. We pride ourselves on delivering impressive results and offer a great level of customer advice.

View our completed mezzanine office projects to see what we can do for you. 

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