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19 December 2023

Mezzanines Vs. Floors: What’s the Difference?

Mezzanine vs Floors

If you’re thinking about expanding your space with an additional floor and are wondering what the differences between a floor and mezzanine are, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a guide for you on the differences between both. Keep reading to find out which option is better suited to your needs.


To learn what the difference between a mezzanine and floor is, let’s define what a mezzanine is. A mezzanine is a semi-permanent intermediary floor that is usually installed within an already existing building. It is free-standing, and not attached to the actual building, so it can generally be quite easy to disassemble and reconfigure or relocate when no longer needed. Mezzanines are typically used in warehouses, factories, as offices, cleanrooms, or for storage. 

Second floor 

On the other hand, a second floor is a more permanent renovation to a building that requires a lot more time, money, and resources to create. A second floor is attached to the existing building and does need to adhere to stricter building regulations as it is considered an adjustment to the original floor plan and can affect the building’s structural integrity. 

Why choose a mezzanine floor? 

So what are the benefits of choosing a mezzanine floor over an actual floor? There’s plenty of advantages such as: 

  • Quick design, construction, and installation compared to floors (takes 4-5 weeks for the full process) 
  • Cheaper than renovating/extending with the second floor 
  • Less hassle to get approval and permits compared to an actual floor 
  • More customisable (materials and features) than floors 
  • Causes less disruption to your business operations than installing an actual floor
  • Can be disassembled and removed for relocation unlike a permanent floor 
  • Can be altered and reconfigured unlike a second floor
  • Does not affect structural integrity of the building

Learn more about mezzanine floors from the experts – Heighton

If you’re considering investing in a mezzanine floor, seek out professionals who have a wealth of experience and know how to design, construct, and install safe and durable custom mezzanines. With years of experience in the mezzanine industry, Heighton remains a leader in offering high-quality mezzanines in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, and Brisbane. If you’re still unsure about whether a mezzanine is right for your business, get in touch with our consultants and we’ll happily discuss your project with you.

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