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How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mezzanine Level?

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Mezzanine Level?

Mezzanine levels are highly utility driven installations. For that reason, it’s not uncommon that we get savvy business owners and procurement specialists asking us about the factors that influence cost. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the sorts of variables you can look to when making a cost/benefit analysis that accompanies an investment in a mezzanine floor.

Assessing the Cost of a Mezzanine Level by Span

Size and scale are the first factors to consider. And when your needs are more routine this will actually be the fastest and most accurate way of achieving a ballpark figure. 

As a rough guide, the cost by span of building a mezzanine level will be:


      • Spans of 0 to 60m2 = $550/m2 (estimated) 

      • Spans of 60 to 150m2 = $450/m2 (estimated) 

      • Spans of 150 to 250m2 = $380/m2 (estimated) 

      • Spans of 250 to 350m2 = $370/m2 (estimated) 

    You’ll see that there’s a trend. The first 60m2 cost significantly more per square meter than the larger installations. And once you’re into the 250m2 to 350m2 territory, you begin to approach a consistent cost per square meter. For business operating at scale, an observation like this can inform nuanced calculations about the opportunities that additional space will create.

    Considerations Surrounding the Load Bearing Capacity of Your Mezzanine Level

    Of variations relating to the actual mezzanine structures themselves – load bearing might be the most important. The weight that a mezzanine floor is designed to bear will have a considerable effect on the cost of the installation. Consider that the needs of logistics companies dealing in the port and storage of FMCG products will have needs that differ greatly from organisations that require their mezzanine floors to support machinery.

    Typically, a mezzanine floor will be rated to carry up to 300kg per square meter – which will be plenty for a variety of purposes. A direct consultation with one of our specialists will help you understand where you can both ensure broad and safe utility in your mezzanine flooring – without paying for a load bearing capacity you won’t be using.

    Building Mezzanine Levels with Specialised Requirements

    Specialised requirements are where the cost/benefit analysis tends to require some deeper consideration. Here, we’re talking about the utility of installations such as mezzanine clean rooms for companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

    Solutions like these come with an investment but open up revenue generating possibilities and even reduce your businesses exposure to sunk costs. For example, when it comes time to move on from a leased site, with any of the installations attached to your mezzanine floor, you’ll simply be able to pick everything up and take it with you. 

    Get in Touch

    For a bespoke understanding of the costs involved in installing a mezzanine flooring solution – don’t hesitate to reach out to the team at Heighton Mezzanines. Our years of experience in the field, and countless projects spanning a variety of general and specialist needs have given our team everything we need to facilitate the mezzanine flooring solution you’re looking for.

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