Storage space is one of the biggest concerns for warehouses and factories. While every company has a desire to expand, they are faced with challenges when it comes to accommodating this type of growth. What might have once seemed like a vast and endless space when you first purchased it is now filled with machinery, storage, products, and more. Do you relocate? Not just yet: there is a cheaper, more practical alternative to closing up shop and moving to a new location: it’s called raised storage areas.

Make use of your vertical space above you with a raised storage area from Heighton Mezzanines. Here, we share the many benefits so you can make an informed decision about whether this is a suitable option for your factory or warehouse.

Productivity increases

Because a raised storage area is built to your specifications, this also can have a hand in your team’s productivity levels. This can be achieved by designing a warehouse raised storage area that enables convenient foot traffic. 

Cheaper alternative to relocating your warehouse

As anyone knows, moving to a new location is time-consuming and costly. In addition to planning a new storage space, you’ll need to consider getting permits, moving all your equipment, and telling your local customers. Why bother, when you can just invest in raised storage space, and it will do the same thing?

You’ll have more space

A raised storage area will offer the perfect solution for solving your space issues. With an additional level built between the floor and ceiling, you can now have multiple levels of storage.

It is a cost-effective solution

We all know renovations can be extremely costly. So, instead of building outwards, build up. Putting the unused space below your ceiling to good use means you can keep up with bigger warehouse needs without needing to limit your business’ expansion.

There are customisable options

Just like every business and warehouse is unique, so too are raised storage areas. When you build one, it is customised to your warehouse specifications. This means you won’t be stuck with a standard option that won’t address your specific needs.