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What is a Raised Storage Platform?

Raised storage platforms are freestanding structures installed in a warehouse, workshop, storage facility or factory to create additional overhead space. They are supported by shelves or pallet racks and can have single or multiple tiers. Mezzanine storage is ideal for those who need more room to expand their business operations, providing up to double the amount of floor space. It’s a great way to expand storage without the need to fork out relocation costs.

What industries are our mezzanine storage platforms suitable for?

Mezzanine storage platforms are ideal for various industries. Depending on what you would like to store, we can customise our raised storage platforms to suit your needs, for convenient access and according to your available warehouse space. We recommend raised storage platforms for companies that store items such as:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Packaging equipment
  • Car/bicycle parts
  • Farming equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Hardware
  • Clothing
  • Timber
  • Hydraulics
  • Wholesale and retail products
  • Construction equipment
  • Machinery
  • Food and hospitality supplies

Custom designed raised storage platforms

Whatever you need, we can construct the perfect raised storage platform to fit your purpose. There are a range of design features that you can customise such as:

  • Mezzanine floor height
  • Flooring material – steel or timber
  • Number of tiers – 1, 2 or 3 levels
  • Floor weight capacity
  • Stair case
  • Hand railing
  • Pallet gates
  • Shelving above or below floor
  • Column spacing

By working with specialists, we will ensure that you get what you want while prioritising safety and efficiency.

Mezzanine storage safety standards

In Australia, the main safety standard is the AS4084 Steel Storage Racking Standards (2012) which regulates the engineering and construction of all pallet racking structures. At Heighton Mezzanines, we ensure that all required standards are met when it comes to construction of our mezzanine floors to ensure safety of your staff.

Benefits of raised storage platforms

Installing a raised storage platform offers numerous advantages for your business.

Cost effective

Investing in mezzanine storage is the cheapest way of increasing your storage space for any growing business. The cost of mezzanine storage installation is a lot less than if you were to relocate your business: not just considering the price of purchasing a new premises but also the interference it can cause to your business operations. Mezzanine structures can also be reconfigured if you plan to move your business to another location in the future, so it’s an investment that will still be useful for years to come.

Additional storage space

The main benefit of raised storage platforms is increased storage and floor room. Without sacrificing your current floor space, mezzanine storage utilises unused overhead space, giving you an additional level for storing anything you need. Depending on your ceiling height, you can choose to install more than one tier if you require even more space.

Increase ROI

Having the extra storage capacity that mezzanine storage will bring allows you to expand your business production and processes. With the ability to have more materials on hand and space to stock goods, your business can distribute more goods and work more productively.

Why choose Heighton Mezzanines?

With over 15 years in the business, we’ve completed numerous mezzanine projects for a range of industries across Australia. When you choose us, you can rest assured that the quality, durability and safety of our mezzanines exceeds all required standards and expectations. Our racking specialists are skilled in designing and constructing mezzanine storage structures that will make the most of your investment and space for years to come. Heighton Mezzanine primarily uses high quality, Australian made materials that endure even the harshest of conditions without rusting or compromising on safety.

Get in touch with Heighton Mezzanines

Thinking about installing a raised storage platform in your warehouse? Contact the experts at Heighton Mezzanines to discuss your raised storage platform options and find the best design to suit your needs. Our team will be happy to provide you with a free quote and consultation. We also specialise in various mezzanine structures for a range of applications, so you can look to us for mezzanine offices, mezzanine floors, cleanrooms and more.


What is a raised storage platform?

A raised storage platform is a structure that you can install in your warehouse, workshop or distribution facility, in order to expand your space and provide extra storage. It is held up by shelving or pallet racks, and makes use of the vertical ceiling space in your building, offering up to double your current floor space.

What is a warehouse mezzanine?

Warehouse mezzanines refer to any elevated platform structures that provide additional storage, floor, or office space in a warehouse. It allows you to expand by utilising unused overhead space, without the need for relocation. There are height regulations that must be complied with for mezzanine construction therefore it is only suitable for warehouses that have a high enough ceiling. 

What are mezzanines made of?

Mezzanines are generally made out of a combination of steel, timber, concrete and/or aluminium. This can depend on what you plan to use it for and costs. The floor posts, main beams (bearers) and secondary cross beams (joists) are all made of steel. For the floor material, you can choose either, plywood, chipboard, compressed cement sheeting, aerated concrete or aluminium checker plate floor decking.

How much does it cost to build a mezzanine platform?

There are numerous factors that contribute to the costs of building a mezzanine floor including the size, number of tiers, gates, railing, weight capacity, and also where you are located. Price will also depend on the addition of customisable features. However, the ROI of installing a mezzanine is great as it saves costs on relocation while providing a vast amount of room for storage and work operations.

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