Mezzanine Floor Builders

Need a professional team to build a mezzanine floor for your site? You’ve come to the right place. Our experts can help with a range of different designs and have the capabilities to handle any job. 

About Heighton Mezzanines

Heighton is a national mezzanine floor manufacturer and supplier in Australia. We provide extra storage space within your existing warehouse space. We have been designing and installing commercial and industrial mezzanine floors for over 15 years. Our team works in major cities across Australia including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. 

Our Capabilities

Our projects range from small, single-storey floors right through to large, complex multi-tiered installations. Our mezzanine floors are of the highest quality in the industry, incorporating unique design features as standard. Heighton’s computerised mezzanine floor production system ensures we are the market leaders in the industry.

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Over the decades Heighton has assisted a broad range of professional companies to optimise space with mezzanine floors and mezzanine offices to gain better utilization of their property investments. Below is a shortlist of companies we have assisted  Click the logos to view individual project case studies for each company.

  • Haymans
  • Awnet
  • IXOM
  • Samsung
  • Globewest
  • Streets Ice Cream
  • Culture Kings
  • Exedy Clutch
  • Gingham and Heels
  • Kuhn Farm
  • Emerson Electrical
  • Opposite Lock Epping
  • Visy
  • Dickies
  • Florabelle Australia
  • Trans Tank International
  • Beacon Lighting
  • Bursons
  • Multotec
  • BMW
  • Defendtex
  • Swisslog
  • RAAF
  • Kubota
  • Fuji
  • OJI Fibre Solutions
  • Globe Brand
  • General Motors
  • JBS Australia
  • Linfox
  • Ooh Media
  • CNW
  • King Living
  • Harvey Norman

How we construct.

Heighton seamlessly integrates construction with your workforce and operations to achieve zero incidents and a successful project outcome. Watch the time-lapse below to view Heighton successfully install a 3000m2 warehouse mezzanine floor.

Australian Supply Chain

Heighton believes the management of the supply chain is a critical factor to the success of our clients and our business. Heighton relies 100% on trusted Australian manufacturers and uses premium steel which increases our reliability, product quality, and ability to meet demands. 

Heighton's Mezzanine Floor Features

Modular, Scalable and Mobile.

Modular, Scalable and Mobile Mezzanine Floor

Heightons HHLW beam system allows you to relocate, or reconfigure your mezzanine floor as required throughout the lifespan of your business.

Unique Lightweight Beam Design.

Unique Lightweight Beam Design

Heightons lightweight and high tensile beams enable flexible and fast installation within tight spaces and over existing infrastructure.

Australian Made

Australian Made Flag

Heightons mezzanine floors are manufactured in Australia utilizing all Australian made materials.

F11 Structural Ply Flooring

F11 Structural Floor

Premium grade high structural strength F11 ply flooring is used to ensure maximum durability and longevity.

Epoxy Coated Balustrading

Example of Epoxy Coated Balustrading

The Heighton Balustrading system is a premium, modular product, with epoxy coated finishes. Heightons mezzanine floor balustrading exceeds Australian safety requirements.

Goods Lifts & Accessories

Heighton offers a range of goods lift and goods chute (spiral and straight) options to improve the functionality of your mezzanine floor system to integrate with your warehouse work flow design.

Australian Standard Staircases

Example of Australian Standard Staircases

Custom Colour Finishes

Example of Custom Colour Finishes

Custom colours are often a requirement for larger mezzanine floors. Heigton offers a full range of colour selections for each project.

Integrated Machinery Platforms

Example of Integrated Machinery Platforms

Integrated machinery mezzanine floors are requested by our clients to better access or increase the functionality of workflow processes and improve safety.

Mezzanine floor builders for warehouses, storage facilities, offices and more

Get in touch with Heighton Mezzanines to arrange a consultation. Our friendly team can help with all of your needs and works throughout major cities including Melbourne and Sydney. Click here to view our completed mezzanine floor projects.