Machinery Industry.


Altona North VIC


Mezzanine Storage Gantry System
Company Hydac
Industry Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
Location Altona North VIC
Date March 2022
Features Installed

– Motorized Gantry System

– Goods Hoist

– Composite Floor Covering

– Suspended Ceiling with AC System

The Problem
- HYDAC was running out of space and needed more storage room and assembly production area. They couldn’t move and needed to do something. HYDAC couldn’t load goods onto the mezzanine using forklifts, so Heighton incorporated goods hoist into the mezzanine system to get goods up and down.

The Solution
- Heighton designed a mezzanine system in their existing facility with gantry systems underneath to lift heavy items under the mezzanine. Heighton also included a goods hoist for getting goods up and down off the mezzanine. For durability of the floor, we installed a composite floor covering along with the suspended ceiling with an AC system to get the area on the mezzanine temperature controlled.

The Outcome
- The result was a fit-for-purpose solution that increased the versatility of HYDACs production and assembly area. Heighton provided a turnkey solution including Gantry systems, Goods hoists, Suspended ceiling, and AC system.