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Designing a Mezzanine Floor

Heighton specialises in creating mezzanine floor designs that will enhance and fit your space and required function.

Our designs include:

Free standing structural mezzanine floor

Free standing mezzanine structures are not attached to the actual building and therefore semi permanent and can be reconfigured. They can be placed above existing offices or any working areas to utilise free space above.

Rack supported mezzanine floor

This type of mezzanine floor is not supported by structures, it is held up by pallet racks or shelving systems. It can be used for storage of small and medium sized goods above and below the mezzanine. Movement of goods is done through forklifts, hydraulic lift and pallet trucks. You can manually access the top floor with a connecting staircase.

Office mezzanines

With smaller spaces in warehouses or buildings, office mezzanines are a great way to utilise space. You can choose to create a single or double level office without having to move to a new facility.

Cleanroom and storage mezzanines

Cleanrooms are popular in the pharmaceuticals and electronics manufacturing industry, having the mezzanine floor will give you extra storage space above the clean room.

Production mezzanine floor with gantry crane

Similar to the rack supported mezzanine floor, movement of goods requires a gantry crane. The top level is used for production or storage and the bottom level can continue to be used as a working area.

Depending on the function of your mezzanine, you can choose different types of staircases and access gates in your mezzanine floor design.

Check out our mezzanine construction guide and applications or our previous case studies of mezzanine floors and offices for more information.

Mezzanine Floor Decking Materials

There are a range of materials that can be used based on your mezzanine functionality, your budget and desired aesthetic.

These include:


Plywood decking uses full-sized fine wood sheets, it is a very strong and durable material compared to chipboard due to its cross grain construction pattern. This type of decking is great for accommodating pallet trolley wheels, use of heavy machinery and in case of heavy objects or equipment dropping.


Chipboard is a more affordable material than plywood because it’s made from wood waste and scraps. It is made by gluing together wood waste particles then pressed under heat. Chipboard naturally draws in moisture so it is not suitable for all purposes and is better used in a dry environment. You can also choose to get moisture treated chipboard which may increase the cost.

Compressed Cement Sheeting

Compressed fibre cement (CFC) is a great alternative plywood and chipboard as it is not vulnerable to moisture damage and is very strong. Cement is non-combustible so it is a great material for bushfire prone areas or industries with fire risks.

Aerated Concrete

The use of aerated concrete is a popular choice for office mezzanines. It can help with noise reduction, energy efficiency, fire resistance and is suitable for any environment. 

Aluminium Checker Plate

Aluminium checker plate decking is a good choice for hospitality and food industry environments, as it is non corrosive and able to withstand harsh cleaning agents.

What can mezzanine floors be designed for?

Mezzanine floors can be designed for any house, building, shed, warehouse, storage facility that meets the Australian building requirements to install a mezzanine. They can be used to create spaces for storage, shelving, office spaces, break areas and any additional rooms. 

Can Heighton design mezzanine offices?

Yes, Heighton specialises in designing office spaces. Our mezzanine floor designs are of premium quality, incorporating unique features to efficiently utilise your existing space. We create scalable, mobile flooring solutions that you can reuse and adapt in-case of relocation. With over 25 years of handling client approvals and council requirements, we also ensure our designs meet all building requirements and policies. We work collaboratively with interior designs to tailor the office design to your needs.

View our project case studies to see how we can transform your space. 

Can Heighton design mezzanine cleanrooms?

Yes, Heighton has a wealth of experience in creating mezzanine cleanrooms. We specialise in cleanroom mezzanine designs which normally have strict standards depending on your industry and what purpose of the cleanroom. Our design team is very knowledgeable about the HVAC cleanliness guidelines which set out cleanroom design standards, requirements and construction techniques.

Have a look at our previous case studies to see our solutions.

Where can I find examples of Mezzanine floor designs?

You can find examples of mezzanine floor designs on our website through our case studies.

Where can Heigthon offer mezzanine designs?

Heighton can create mezzanine floor designs across Australia in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.