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How to Build a Mezzanine Floor in a Shed

Mezzanine Floor in a Shed

Plan Layout

Step 1. Determine the overall size (width & length) of mezzanine floor you need and use crayon to mark out the location of posts, stairs and overall footprint on the surface

Step 2. Determine the clearance height you need. ie. you may need to allow adequate height for your forklift to travel under the mezzanine floor.


Step 3. Contact a local structural engineer to calculate the necessary size steel required based on the heaviest object you will store on the mezzanine. This is calculated based on a weight per m2 footprint. 250kg/m2 is a common weight capacity used for mezzanine floor engineering calculation.

Order Materials

Step 4. Purchase materials from your local steel supplier.

Materials you need to purchase are:

  1. Steel or timber posts. Size specified by your local engineer.
  2. Steel or timber beams. Size specified by your local engineer.
  3. Timber floor. Available at your local hardware store.
  4. Staircase. Manufacturer by you local steel fabricator.
  5. Handrail. Manufactured by your local steel fabricator.


Step by Step Construction Plan.

Step 1: Cut posts to desired mezzanine height. Weld plates the bottom of posts and screw to the floor using concrete bolts.

Image: Example of Post

Step 2: Cut beam to desired mezzanine length

Step 3: Cut cross members to desired mezzanine length

Image: Example of Beam and Cross Member

Step 4: Screw flooring to cross members

Step 4: Bolt fabricated handrail around edges

Step 5: Bolt stairs case to mezzanine.

Congratulations. You have now learnt how to build a mezzanine floor in a shed

If this process is too difficult for you feel free to reach out to Heighton for a fully installed turnkey option.

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