Our experience in the market is second to none.

This enables us to work with our clients to custom design and install modular mezzanine systems that maximise the use of existing floor space.

Using a unique, high-strength beam design that we manufacture and supply ourselves means that we have complete ownership of the quality control process.

We are locally based, so we are able to offer short lead times on manufacture and supply, leading to a faster installation process.

Our modular mezzanines are designed to be free-standing, and do not reply on the building structure for support. The modular design enables easy relocation, which makes them the perfect long-term investment.

The Heighton Secret
Mezz Myths Busted Image

Common Warehouse Mezzanine Myths Busted

Think a Mezzanine isn’t Right for Your Business?┬áThink Again.

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Mezzanines are too expensive
  • A mezzanine won’t suit my warehouse
  • The installation will take too long
  • The process will be too complicated