A freestanding mezzanine floor can be used in your warehouse for a wide range of applications and are one of the most economical and efficient ways to increase floor space within your factory, warehouse or facility.

At Heighton Mezzanines, we are experts in this area and will work with you to create the best possible freestanding mezzanine floor plan. We aim to provide a service that is tailored to you, meets all the necessary regulations and delivers the most cost-effective solution.

Our mezzanines have a unique, modular design that makes them an excellent long-term investment. Due to this efficient design, our mezzanines do not require the structural support of the building and therefore can be conveniently moved.

Freestanding mezzanine floors are easily moveable within the building and can be dismantled and transported if your business is to move to an alternative location.


Working with Heighton Mezzanines

When you work with Heighton Mezzanines you are working with the best in the biz. Over the years we have specialised in mezzanines and customised storage systems.

Our project management team has the experience required to save time, reduce stress and ensure that your installation is completed effectively and efficiently.

No-one knows mezzanines better than us

  • Unique mezzanine beam profile
  • Professional and efficient project management
  • Install over existing stock with little to no down-time
  • Experts at optimising your space and designing custom solutions
  • Adept at integrating your mezzanines with machinery and other storage systems

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There's No Need to Move!

Running out of space in your warehouse and think you will have to move? Think Again.

Find out how a mezzanine can:

  • Expand workspaces
  • Increase storage
  • Add office space
  • Save you money
  • Separate stock from operations
  • Optimise your warehouse layout