Heighton mezzanine floor system uses a unique lightweight beam design, allowing the floor to be installed without the intrusion of your concrete floor surface, and removing the need for concrete footings.

Heightons floor system is modular, scalable and mobile, allowing you to relocate, or reconfigure the floor as required throughout changes in the life span of your business.

As a raised level, Heightons mezzanine system is just as robust and solid than a ground floor surface. Heightons floor system can be customized for application in retail settings and used to store heavier merchandise and equipment, over 1tn/m3 and beyond.

Whether to create a new storage area, an office platform or an area for machinery, Heightons mezzanine floor system can be customized to meet your needs.

The team at Heighton are your experts in industrial and warehouse mezzanines, and our Australian made and manufactured floor systems can be custom-built to suit any application. Contact us to arrange a consultation or to discuss floor plans, budget costs and installation information.

Figure 1&2: Heighton General Motors Distribution Mezzanine Floor Project


Figure 3: Easter Creek Warehouse Mezzanine Floor Project


Figure 4: GLOBE South Melbourne Distribution Centre Mezzanine Floor Project


Figure 5: OJI Brisbane Production Facility Mezzanine Floor & Walkways


Working with Heighton Mezzanines

When you work with Heighton Mezzanines you are working with the best in the biz. Over the years we have specialised in mezzanines and customised storage systems.

Our project management team has the experience required to save time, reduce stress and ensure that your installation is completed effectively and efficiently.

No-one knows mezzanines better than us

  • Unique mezzanine beam profile
  • Professional and efficient project management
  • Install over existing stock with little to no down-time
  • Experts at optimising your space and designing custom solutions
  • Adept at integrating your mezzanines with machinery and other storage systems

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There's No Need to Move!

Running out of space in your warehouse and think you will have to move? Think Again.

Find out how a mezzanine can:

  • Expand workspaces
  • Increase storage
  • Add office space
  • Save you money
  • Separate stock from operations
  • Optimise your warehouse layout