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Projects  |  Mezzanine Floors.

Leisure Learning

Moorabbin VIC

Features Installed:

– Two slide gate systems
– Access ladder system to plant platform

V-Spec Performance

Blackburn, VIC

Features Installed:

– One slim line design mezzanine to conserve headroom
– High capacity 500kgs/sqm
– Customized height solution to match existing floor height
– Heighton’s powder-coated black balustrade system

Unique Panels

Hallam, VIC

Features Installed:

– Installation completed over the top of the existing offices
– Installation completed during operation
– Installation carried out in a confined space


Heidelberg West VIC

Features Installed:

– Wide span design
– Heavy duty impact resistant balustrade system
– Customized sliding gate solution


TK Installs


Features Installed:

– Custom L-designed staircase
– Free-standing mezzanine floor solution
– Heighton’s flagship balustrade system



Features Installed:

– Hot dipped galvanized grid mesh floor system
– Custom colors to match client’s request
– Heighton’s modular balustrade system to prevent on-site welding


Townsville, QLD

Features Installed:

– Customized BCA compliant staircase
– Heavy duty impact resistant balustrade system
– Customized gate system to facilitate client’s needs
– FLM and Plywood flooring system to withstand high point loads

Pixel Line

Brisbane QLD

Features Installed:

– Add-on to existing mezzanine floor
– Heavy duty structural mezzanine
– Slide gate system

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