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Features Installed:
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Boundary Project

Melbourne, Victoria

Features Installed:
  • Heighton safety swing gate system
  • Heighton galvanised Australian structural steel system
  • Heighton modular safety railing system
  • F11 structural flooring

Blenners Transport

Brisbane, Queensland

Features Installed:
  • Galvinised handrails
  • High strength F11 structural ply flooring
  • Lightweight high tensile beam system


Eastern Creek, New South Wales

Features Installed:
  • EPS insulated panel system to minimize noise and achieve high insulation and cleanliness
  • Heighton modular build design

Fraser Project

Eastern Creek, New South Wales

Features Installed:
  • Heighton colour matched structure
  • Heighton sway resistant post system
  • F11 structural ply flooring
  • Heighton safety railings and safety stairway system


Melbourne, Victoria

Features Installed:
  • Mezzanine Hoist
  • System Staircase

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