Gym Mezzanine Floors

A mezzanine floor installed in your gym can greatly increase overall site space and storage capacity. This means you can have more members exercising at the same time without compromising comfort or accessibility. At Heighton, we specialise in developing intuitive flooring solutions that make a real difference to gyms of all sizes.

Health & Fitness Solutions

We can install the perfect mezzanine floor to match the needs of your business. With over 15 years of experience and a team of experts by our side, we can tailor a solution that addresses your requirements in every way. How do we do this? By using a unique, lightweight beam design that allows for smart installation with minimal intrusion upon your existing floor. We also construct our designs using top-quality materials made right here in Australia. 

It’s for these reasons that customers look to us for clean and durable floors that are ideal for the health industry.

Eastside Boxing Gym

Brisbane QLD

December 2021

East Side Boxing Gym Mezzanine Floor Installation

Features Installed:

–  Customised Column System to match existing staircase height

– Black Powder-Coated Balustrade System

Rise MMA

Altona North VIC

November 2021

Rise Office Room Building Project

Features Installed:

Double thickness flooring

– Sound suppression product in the floor to reduce sound from mezzanine to ground floor

– Suspended ceiling on ground floor

– Clearspan design

– Matching existing office floor height

Proraw Gym

Doncaster East VIC

March 2020

Pro Raw Gym Upper Floor Mezzanine Project

Features Installed:

– Galvinised Handrails

– High strength F11 Structural Ply Flooring

– Lightweight High Tensile Beam System

Elite Sports Performance

Melbourne VIC

March 2020

Features Installed:

– High Tensile Steel Structural Design

– Re-Enforced F11 Timber Floor Design

World Gym

Mackay QLD

March 2020

Features Installed:

– Galvinised Handrails

– High Strength F11 Structural ply flooring

– Lightweight high tensile beam system

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