Electronic Manufacturing Industry Solutions and Projects

Dust-Free Rooms


Heighton specialise in the construction of dust-free anti-static cleanrooms designed for the electronics manufacturing industry.

Mezzanine Offices

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Heighton designs and builds multi-level offices and mezzanine offices over manufacturing areas to better utilise space within the facility.

Mezzanine Floors

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Mezzanine floors above manufacturing areas are a great way to increase the functionality of your facility. Heighton specialises in the design and build of customised mezzanine floor systems.


Lilydale VIC

May 2022

Features Installed:
  • Feature 1
  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Feature 4

Nylec Products

South Croydon VIC

January 2022

Nylec Mezzanine Building Project

Features Installed:

– Swing Over Access Gate

– Matched existing Floor Level Height

– Clear Span Design

Damon Group

Craigieburn VIC

September 2021

Damon Simplifies Logistics Project Desing

Features Installed:

– Fit for Purpose Swing Gate at 3500mm wide

– Custom Post Locations to help with workflow

– Fit for Purpose Mezzanine Clearance to clear existing Cantilever Racks

Swift Appliances Group

Campbellfield VIC

March 2021

Swift Floor Building Project

Features Installed:

– Double Slide Gate

– 5kpa Rating

– Structural Ply Flooring

– Clear Span Design

Emerson Electrical

North Ryde NSW

February 2021

Features Installed:

– Storage mezzanine with painted floor system and lighting.

Markerry Industries

Carrum Downs VIC

February 2021

Features Installed:

– Mezzanine with Cleanroom System

Equipment Safety Systems

Keysborough VIC

December 2020

Features Installed:

– Custom-Built U Design Staircase

– Heighton Wall Panelling System for Office Area


Scoresby VIC

September 2020

Features Installed:

– Structural Floor

– Party Wall System

Active Railway Signalling

Carrum Downs VIC

September 2020

Features Installed:

– Structural Checkered Plate Staircase
– Heighton Balustrade System


Sydney NSW

June 2020

Avionics Office Room Extension Project

Features Installed:

– Office Extension

– Specialised Design to create a Boutique feel and to create a Unique Culture

– Timber Ceiling System

– Kitchenette

– High-Quality Designer Furniture

– Timber Staircase

Fuji SMBE Macquarie

Sydney NSW

June 2020

Features Installed:

– Production office area on top of a structural mezzanine floor budding up to an existing first floor office

Samsung Electronics Cleanroom

Sydney NSW

June 2020

Features Installed:

– Humidity Controlled to 55% RH

– Positive Pressure of +20pa

– Anti-Static Floor System

– Temperature Controlled to 21C

– HEPA Filtration to meet ISO 7

– Independent Control Panel

Skyzer Technologies

Melbourne VIC

March 2020

Features Installed:

– Heighton EPS High Insulation Panel

– Twin Level Internal Storage Structure

– Heighton Lightweight High Tensile Support Structure


Adelaide SA

March 2020

Fleet Upper Floor Extension

Features Installed:

– Heighton EPS Panel System

– High Insulation and Noise Reduction

– High Tensile Lightweight Heighton Beam System

XRF Scientific

Melbourne VIC

March 2020

Features Installed:

– Heighton EPS Modular Cleanroom Panel System

– Heighton High Tensile Light Weight Beam System

– Heighton Cleanroom Air Movement Control System

UTC Packard

Prestons VIC

March 2020

Features Installed:

– Heighton Air Handling System

– Heighton High Tensile Lightweight Beam System

– Heighton Modular EPS Build Cleanroom System

Masters & Young

Brisbane QLD

March 2020

Features Installed:

– EPS Insulated Panel System to minimize noise and achieve high insulation and cleanliness

– Heighton Modular Build Design

– Custom Powder Coated Satin Black Balustrading

– ESD (Electrostatic Discharge Vinyl)

– Solid Wall Balustrading

– Heighton Goods lift


Melbourne VIC

April 2018

Features Installed:

– Galvinised Handrails

– High Strength F11 Structural Ply Flooring

– Lightweight High Tensile Beam System

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