Mezzanine Dust Free Room System

Company Vivad
Industry Printing
Location Campbellfield VIC
Date January 2022
Client Testimonial
Heighton Mezzanine Floors were Professional, Flexible, and Fast.
Excellent communication throughout the process. Great value for money and diligence throughout the planning and approval process.
We are very happy with the quality of the build and how the project was managed.
Highly recommended!

Ewen Donaldson

The Problem
- Vivad needed to have a dust free room built for new machinery ordered from overseas. There was a tight timeline and the machines needed to be running ASAP when they arrived in Australia in order to generate revenue for Vivad. Along with this, the existing machinery needed to remain operational during construction.

The Solution
- Heighton was able to design, plan and build the structure around obstacles onsite within the given timeframe.

The Outcome
- Vivad is now operational with the new machinery and first floor assembly area. This has allowed them to be more efficient and service their clients faster.