Transform Church


Structural Mezzanine Floor

Company Transform Church
Industry Church
Location St Albans VIC
Date March 2021
Client Testimonial
We are very happy with our experience with Heighton! From the first contact to the completion of the project we had great communication. The build was completed on time and we had excellent customer service right through our experience. The construction is excellent and we are very happy with our overall experience. We highly recommend Heighton as an efficient, reliable and customer friendly company.

Gregory Williams
Senior Pastor

The Problem
- Transform Church needed more floor space to run multiple church services at the same time with minimal noise being heard from each.

The Solution
- A custom mezzanine solution that matched the floor height of the existing two-story office and a sound suppression floor to help deaden the noise through the floor.

The Outcome
- As a result, Transform Church gained extra floor space and can run multiple church services with minimal interruptions.