Logistics & Supply Chain.




Heighton’s Step-Over/Walkways System
Company Swisslog
Industry Logistics and Supply Chain
Location NSW
Date August 2020
Features Installed

– Hot Dipped Galvanized Grid Mesh Floor System
– Custom Colors to match client’s request
– Heighton’s Modular Balustrade System to prevent on-site welding

The Problem
- Client had interfered with parts of travel egress within the building.
- They needed to build ECA compliant step-overs and walkways before the building can be given a certificate of occupancy.

The Solution
- Build a customized hot-dipped galvanized (HDG) walkway system to facilitate egress and easy path to travel between exits.
- Layout for access to specialized conveyor and machinery as a work platform.

The Outcome
- Fast and efficient installation to keep the project on track and prevent the client from running out of time.