Events Services.

Pixel Line.

Brisbane QLD


Heighton Mezzanine System
Company Pixel Line
Industry Events Services
Location Brisbane QLD
Date August 2020
Features Installed

– Add-On to Existing Mezzanine Floor
– Heavy Duty Structural Mezzanine
– Slide Gate System

The Problem
- Client is in the audio hire industry and regularly ships overseas high volumes of road cases to the facility for storage and dispatch creating a logistical problem because when the warehouse was at capacity was when most of audio hire equipment was on hire so when returned there was no room to store the materials.

The Solution
- Build over the top of the existing shelving and storage area with all storage materials and products being installed at the same time so there needed to be protection of goods by the floor as it was being installed.

The Outcome
- Client is able to store excess hire equipment on the mezzanine floor and keep the ground floor clear for packing and dispatching in saving the critical items.