Automotive Industry.

PACCAR Kenworth.

Bayswater North VIC


Mezzanine Production ToolRoom Solution
Company PACCAR Kenworth
Industry Transportation/Trucking/Railroad
Location Bayswater North VIC
Date May 2021
Features Installed

–  This Solution provided extra storage space and an area that can be locked to keep tools safe in a manufacturing area. A custom feature for this project was a split door into the toolroom that can be opened from the top while the bottom half of the door stays closed.

Client Testimonial
Great company to work with! – Right from the start, the team at Heighton were terrific. We had lots of hurdles to jump through, for the project to be appealing to management. Heighton was more than accommodating every time to facilitate these changes.
With the final invoice paid, it pleasures me to say they were a great company with a great product. We will definitely use Heighton again in the future.

Matt Moss
Capital Budget / Projects

The Problem
- The problem Kenworth had was the lack of storage space and an area where they could safely keep tools and keep track of them.

The Solution
- Heighton designed a structural mezzanine area to provide the load-bearing floor area needed and enclosed part of the upper and ground floor with an insulated panel system to keep the room separate from the manufacturing area.

The Outcome
- The result was a mezzanine storage area that is lockable to maintain the security of their tools.