Electronics Manufacturing.

Nylec Products.

South Croydon VIC


Structural Mezzanine
Company Nylec Products
Industry Electronics Manufacturing
Location South Croydon VIC
Date January 2022
Features Installed

– Swing Over Access Gate

– Matched existing Floor Level Height

– Clear Span Design

The Problem
- Nylec was running out of space and needed some extra storage space to keep operating. They didn’t have the time to re-locate the facility so the mezzanine was the only option.

The Solution
- The solution to this problem was to add on to their existing mezzanine and match the height to create extra floor space over the top of their existing production area.

The Outcome
- Heighton was able to maximize their storage space by matching the height of their existing mezzanine and extending on over the top of their production area. Nylec didn’t want any posts in the way on the ground floor so Heighton was able to design a clear span design to eliminate posts on the ground floor.