Mezzanine Floors.

My Mates Outdoors - Stage 2.

Brookfield VIC


Mezzanine Storage Area
Company My Mates Outdoors - Stage 2
Industry Retail
Location Brookfield VIC
Date August 2021
Features Installed

– Balustrade Handrail Staircase

– Intergraded Slide Gate

– Balustrade Style Handrail

The Problem
- My Mate Outdoors needed extra showroom and shop space to keep up with demand, and the factory they were in didn’t have enough floor space to increase the shop, and they needed something done quickly before the season started.

The Solution
- Heighton provided a mezzanine solution at the back of his warehouse to increase floor space whilst minimizing posts on the ground floor in their existing shop.

The Outcome
- As a result, My Mate Outdoors was able to stay in their existing building and increase their floor space and showroom area.