Electrical Wholesale.

MM Electrical Edwardstown.

Edwardstown SA


Structural Mezzanine
Company MM Electrical Edwardstown
Industry Consumer Goods
Location Edwardstown SA
Date September 2020
Features Installed

– Open Span Mezzanine Floor Over the Top of Existing Office Space
– Heighton Up and Over Swing Gate System

Client Testimonial
“The guys who installed were great; they did a fantastic job – 10/10”

Jamie Craig
Branch Manager

The Problem
- Client was out of room into the bulk storage and had no way to store paletized goods coming from the supplies which meant that the days of the operations were interrupted by having to move pallets out of the way before operations could start.

The Solution
- Build a mezzanine floor over the top of their current office space and utilize the dead and wasted space above it.

The Outcome
- Client could then start to store pallets of materials on the mezzanine floor and free up working area on ground floor.