Structural Mezzanine Area

Company Marriott
Industry Health Care
Location Melbourne VIC
Date June 2023
Client Testimonial
I am absolutely thrilled with the mezzanine built by the talented team at Heighton's. Their craftsmanship, design, and unwavering commitment to excellence have created a stunning addition to our warehouse.
From the commencement of the project the team were proactive and responsive, anticipating our needs and constantly checking in to ensure all was going to plan.
I highly recommend reaching out to this exceptional team who will not only meet but exceed your expectations. They have created a functional space that will enhance our operations for years.

Eddy Boghikian
Chief Operations Officer

The Problem
When Heighton visited Marriot for the first time, it was 2.5 months until the lease of their other factory was complete and when the mezzanine had to be installed. They were very time-poor and needed something done as soon as possible to ensure the mezzanine was installed in their current factory before the lease expiry of their secondary factory.

The Solution
Heighton designed a mezzanine solution that was big enough to allow them to consolidate two factories in to one within a short lead time.

The Outcome
The mezzanine was finish before the expected deadline, which gave them extra time to move stock from their leased factory in order for them to be out by the agreed date.