Project Overview

Company: Holden
Industry: Automotive
Location: Dandenong, Victoria

The Problem:

Holden were running out of bulk parts storage room in existing warehouse, closing and disrupting operations to move was not a option.

The Solution:

The solution was to divide and consolidated 5000m2 small parts pick face into 2700m2 of double story mezzanine structure, to increase bulk parts storage in existing warehouse.

The Outcome:

Project was delivered with zero downtime and injuries. The Holden team were ecstatic with the overall result and outcome of project.

Features Installed:

  • Spiral chute system
  • Fire suppression
  • Motion sensor LED lighting
  • Hydrants & hose reels
  • Existing rolled edge shelving system
  • Specialized post positioning so shelving did not need to be emptied during mezzanine installation.
  • Specialized lifting brackets for shelving to be relocated to upper level.

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