Electrical Wholesale.

Haymans Archerfield.

Brisbane QLD


Mezzanine Floor Storage Racks on Top
Company Haymans Archerfield
Industry Electrical Wholesale
Location Brisbane QLD
Date March 2020
Features Installed

– Galvinised Handrails

– High Strength F11 Structural Ply Flooring

– Lightweight High Tensile Beam System

Client Testimonial
“Caleb was really good, able to work with existing shelves and engineer around that.”

Karl Woolaston
Branch Manager

The Problem
- Haymans Archerfield required more space within their existing facility.

The Solution
- Heighton design and engineered a mezzanine floor solution to utilize vertical space above the production area.

The Outcome
- The mezzanine floor effectively doubled the usability of space and enabled a continuation of business growth within the existing facility.