Gingham and Heels


Customised Floor System

Company Gingham and Heels
Industry Retail
Location Mortdale NSW
Date March 2021
Client Testimonial
Martin and the team from Heighton completed a mezzanine for our warehouse and we could not be more satisfied with the outcome. The team had completed the job in a timely matter which included working on weekends to ensure the task was completed earlier than expected. We highly recommend Heighton's services and thank them once again.

Sofia Whyte
Office Manager

The Problem
- Gingham was experiencing exponential growth while running out of storage space which was causing efficiency issues.

The Solution
- Heighton was able to engineer a system installed over the top of already loaded racks and independent to the shelves allowing Gingham to pick orders during the construction.

The Outcome
- Gingham now has double the same building capacity allowing them to double their output before looking for alternative sites.