Mezzanine Floors.


Alexandria NSW


Structural Mezzanine Solution
Company Florabelle
Industry Wholesale & Retail
Location Alexandria NSW
Date February 2022
Features Installed
  • Extension to Existing Mezzanine
  • Finished Floor Height and Structure that Matched Existing Mezzanine
  • Custom Post Locations
  • Clearance Underneath for Forklifts
Client Testimonial
The Team at Heighton did a great job in putting up our Mezzanine.

Glenn Sepel
Chief Executive Officer

The Problem
- Florabelle needed extra showroom space.

The Solution
- Heighton designed and installed a fit for purpose mezzanine solution, by extending their existing mezzanine. This enabled Florabelle to open up their existing showroom to be able to display more and to make use of the wasted air space.

The Outcome
- Florabelle now has additional combined showroom space whilst maintaining storage and workshop space below.