Machinery Industry.

Fender Geophysics.

Artarmon NSW


Mezzanine Storage Solution
Company Fender Geophysics
Industry Mining & Metals
Location Artarmon NSW
Date March 2022
Features Installed
  • Cantilever on one end to not disrupt access to a fire door
  • Custom U Shape Staircase
  • Custom Post Locations to best facilitate operations on the ground floor

The Problem
- Fender Geophysics was relocating to a new warehouse and needed a mezzanine that was to be located in an area where there was an external fire door and an existing set of stairs. Fender Geophysics needed to maximize mezzanine space without impacting on the current warehouse space therefore requires a unique design of stairs.

The Solution
- A fit-for-purpose mezzanine creating maximum storage space whilst maintaining full functionality of the ground floor operation and without inhibiting access to the fire door.

The Outcome
- Fender Geophysics gained extra storage floor space within their existing warehouse without moving their facility or existing shelving.