Construction Industry.

Entire Engineering.

Sunshine West VIC


Mezzanine Floor
Company Entire Engineering
Industry Construction
Location Sunshine West VIC
Date October 2021
Features Installed

– Double swing-over gates

– 10KPA load rating

– Fit for purpose 4000mm clearance

– Floor coating for ease of cleaning

Client Testimonial
Great service from start to finish. From the tender stage, through to design and installation. Heighton delivered on all they promised. Great communication, quality work and quick installation were exactly what we had hoped to get and it was delivered in spades.

Rocco Morda
Production Manager

The Problem
- Entire Engineering originally had two sites and was selling one place and merging into their other site, which meant they needed extra floor space.

The Solution
- The Solution we designed was to divide some of their existing warehouses into additional storage and floor space to accommodate the extra stock that was being moved from their other site. Entire Engineering had a heavy load rating requirement because of what they are storing on the mezzanine, so we engineered the mezzanine to 10kpa(1000kg/m2) which meant we needed footings for some of the posts.

The Outcome
- The result was that we could turn some of their wasted airspaces into additional floor space to help free up their operation.