Mezzanine Offices.


Melbourne VIC


Mezzanine Office
Company Dobsons
Industry Apparel
Location Melbourne VIC
Date March 2020
Features Installed

– Heighton Modular EPS Panel Build System

– Heighton High Tensile Lightweight Beam System

– Heighton Cleanroom Sealed Door System

The Problem
- Dobsons employ more than 90 staff and continue to grow today, due to Dobsons continue business growth they required additional cleanroom and office space for their garment production division.

The Solution
- Heighton designed and engineered a multi level cleanroom/office space to maximise warehouse roof height optimising Dobsons current production facility.

The Outcome
- Dobsons were pleased with the finish and functionality of new space meeting all requirements and maximising the use of roof space to achieve additional production area.