Mezzanine Floors.

Custom Mustangs.

Carrum Downs VIC


Mezzanine Storage Solution
Company Custom Mustangs
Industry Wholesale & Retail
Location Carrum Downs VIC
Date September 2021
Features Installed

– Black Balustrade handrail with integrated slide gate with fit-for-purpose post locations.

The Problem
- Custom Mustangs had was a lack of storage, and they wanted to increase their storage without interrupting their existing car hoist and racking.

The Solution
- Heighton designed a solution to increase their storage space and match their existing mezzanine height and not interfere with the car hoist and racking. The other important point was to ensure cars were still able to get driven underneath.

The Outcome
- A mezzanine system increased their storage capacity and didn’t interfere with their car hoist and racking, and we were able to match their existing mezzanine height.