Crown Posture Bedding.

Waverley VIC


Mezzanine Floor
Company Crown Posture Bedding
Industry Furniture
Location Waverley VIC
Date November 2020
Features Installed

– Swing Gate

– Compliant Staircase

– Balustrade with Integrated Kicker

The Problem
- The problem that Crown Posture Bedding had was the lack of storage and floor space within their existing warehouse to cater for their growth and the fact they didn’t want to move premises to get the extra space.

The Solution
- Heighton designed a mezzanine solution to help increase their storage capacity. Crown Posture Bedding needed the mezzanine in a spot that was on a suspended slab and Heighton was able to customize the beam and post locations to ensure they were on supports under the suspended slab to support the load.

The Outcome
- The result gave Crown Posture Bedding double the storage space in the same area and prevented them from the hassle of moving premises.