Automotive Industry.

Blue Sky Caravans.

Craigieburn VIC


Mezzanine Storage Solution
Company Blue Sky Caravans
Industry Recreational Facilities and Services
Location Craigieburn VIC
Date July 2021
Features Installed

– Features on this project include two slide gates for access to the mezzanine, giving them flexibility with loading the mezzanine.

– Another feature of this project was the joist overhang of 1200 to maximise the floor space without moving the main beam and posts, and it also meant that the posts were kept out of the way of the forklift fairway.

The Problem
- Blue Sky Caravans is a growing company and is getting busier by the day and simply running out of extra storage space in the warehouse due to the increased stock they needed. The ground floor was getting too cluttered and inefficient, and the only way to fix it without moving out was to increase their floor space with a mezzanine system.

The Solution
- Heighton designed a mezzanine storage system that was big enough to meet their need, and we designed it so that the posts on the ground floor would not interrupt their existing layout and production space.

The Outcome
- The result was Blue Sky Caravans gaining extra storage space within their existing building without moving out.