Mezzanine Floors.

Bambra Press.

Melbourne VIC


Mezzanine Floor
Company Bambra Press
Industry Printing
Location Melbourne VIC
Date March 2020
Features Installed

– Heighton F11 Structural Heavy Duty Floor

– Heighton High Tensile

Light weight Beam System

– Heighton Long Span Design

Client Testimonial
“A real collaboration between Heighton and Bambra Press. Heighton did a fantastic job. Delivered on time”

Steve Haas

The Problem
- Bambra spread its operations over various satellite facilities which increased overheads cost and negatively impacted production efficiencies.

The Solution
- Heighton designed and engineered a second level production space within Bambra's main production warehouse situated within Port Melbourne. This effectively doubled the production floor space within the facility.

The Outcome
- Bambra was able to consolidate multiple facilities into one - significantly reducing operations cost and streamlining production.