AWM Sunbury


Mezzanine Storage Solution

Company AWM Sunbury
Industry Electrical Wholesale
Location Sunbury VIC
Date March 2022
Client Testimonial
I would like to also take the time to thank Jason and his team on site. What a fantastic result!
The guys made the process so easy and were so quick. I really appreciate it.

Chris Gunning

The Problem
- AWM Sunbury had a showroom space with low shelving with wasted air space above, and they needed extra storage space but couldn’t add any more racks.

The Solution
- The solution Heighton came up with was to install a mezzanine over the top of their existing shelving to use the wasted air space above.

The Outcome
- The result was AWM Sunbury gaining extra storage floor space within their existing warehouse without moving on the facility or their existing shelving.